Houses Of Worship

Our design goals for church sound systems are specific; the system should stay within budget, blend with the decor of the room as unobtrusively as possible, and be comprised of high-quality components. Most importantly, providing natural, intelligible speech and high fidelity music reinforcement. Delta AV strives to provide total satisfaction with the design, installation, and performance of the system. We design sound reinforcement systems that will uniformly provide every listener with exceptional sound and a great worship experience.

Finding the Right Sound System

We have found that many church sound systems are inadequate, not because they are unable to produce enough sound, but because they are unable to uniformly distribute intelligible sound throughout the entire listening area. The most critical portion of a sound system is not necessarily the complex electronics, i.e. mixer, graphic equalizer or amplifier, but in fact, the speaker system. To find the best fit, we study the acoustical and structural characteristics of the room. Our design engineers are able to model a room and match the best speaker system for the area by utilizing sophisticated software. This optimizes the entire area with quality sound, providing the audience with an outstanding worship experience.

Incorporating Video

Churches are now incorporating video program material into the worship service. This may range from showing lyrics for congregational singing, program material, or next week’s’ schedule, to sophisticated multi-camera and multi-display visual reinforcement. Delta AV has the experience and resources to integrate complex video systems that provide all the functionality needed to support the church service while remaining user-friendly.