Oregon Convention Center

The audio visual systems at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland were becoming obsolete. As a PSNI affiliate, Delta AV was in attendance at a trade show at the Oregon Convention Center and began discussing upgrade possibilities. Over the course of two years, Delta AV created a whole new method for visual communications in the Oregon Convention Center by replacing aged components and installing new systems.

The Challenge

The Oregon Convention Center had integrated video “cubes” into their old system; however, these cubes were in varying states of inadequacy, ranging from unreadable to entirely non-functional. The Center wanted to move away from basic scripted content and into a true digital signage system. All existing video “cubes” were removed and replaced with new monitors/digital signage throughout the facility. Each of the existing informational kiosks were upgraded in function and physically retrofitted to accommodate the new technology. The biggest challenge encountered on this project was the sheer amount of custom metal work required to retrofit the existing kiosks. The original company that built the kiosks was subcontracted to build new doors that would accommodate the 52” monitors that were installed in a portrait display. Other obstacles included the integration/coordination of the event management database into the digital signage content management software. Delta AV completed this project while simultaneously working around the Center’s busy event schedule to accomplish the installation within the given deadline.

The Approach

Delta AV worked with the Oregon Convention Center to create an RFP (request for proposal) outline. This ensured that all necessary details for the system were included. During the design phase, Delta AV collaborated with all suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that all moving parts would be incorporated to build a clean and functional system.

The Solution

Delta AV implemented Sharp Electronics PN-E471 and PN-E521 (professional monitors) due to their exceptional reputation and three year on-site warranty. The WebDT digital signage appliance and software system, from DT Research, was selected to fulfill their Center’s signage needs. They required a system that could handle various content types that would be displayed. Integration of the event management software was user-friendly while remaining compatible with content management, playlists, and scheduling elements of the system. Our post-project services package included training on Go To Meeting seminars, webinars, and on-site sessions.

The Result

The overhaul of the Oregon Convention Center’s outdated system resulted in the seamless and efficient appearance. Their new system is robust, dependable, and technically scalable for any new features and functions that become available in the market. The new system is capable of unlimited expansion within the convention center facility as well as to all of Metro’s regional facilities should that be desired in the future.  All hardware, software, and physical elements of the system meet and exceed current digital signage technical functionality.