Matthew Knight Arena

The Matthew Knight Arena, built in 2011, is the University of Oregon basketball and special events venue seating 12,369. The university wanted AV technology that reflected the significance of the investment. The AV system had to be sophisticated and crowd-pleasing while remaining simple to control. They turned to Delta AV for the design and install of this important aspect of the arena.

Project Date

January 2011

Equipment Used

Crown Lite Series amplifiers, Yamaha M7CL-32, 14 BSS Blue DSPs , JBL catwalk speakers and 70V distributed system

The Challenge

The biggest challenge posed by this project was the lack of storage space on site. University management dictated that any materials or equipment not being used or installed within the particular work week were not permitted to stay on site. Our shop is more than 100 miles from the arena, so we rented storage containers off site and brought the equipment to and from the site on a daily basis. Integral planning was necessary to ensure the crew had the tools and equipment needed to keep the project on course and within the deadline. Other challenges included both audio and visual, as well as, broadcast and cable installation at unusual heights. Rental of lifts and coordinating safety was priority when tasked with this undertaking.

The Approach

Our four to ten man crew lifted eight speaker arrays, consisting of three mid/high boxes and two dual 18” subwoofer boxes, and secured them in place for the main scoreboard speaker system. Man lifts and chain hoists were utilized so that installers could reach a height of approximately 120 feet above the main basketball floor. Delta AV also installed 24 catwalk delay speakers, eight down fill speakers, and 50 under deck fill speakers. All cable exiting or entering the building was spliced to transition from plenum in the building to direct burial (wet) cable outside of the building. The speakers required 600 amps of power. Digital control equipment was installed in the AV control room, along with signal routers to and from the truck dock racks. Fiber optic cabling was installed in the control room to support broadcast equipment to four remote locations.

The Solution

An ambient noise sensing system was implemented as part of the digital audio processor. This was installed in the Champion’s Club area to automatically compensate for background noise levels within the club. Interview rooms, locker rooms, performer areas, and restrooms each have audio systems with selection of building-wide sources, arena PA, radio play-by-play, and TV network broadcast. JBL equipment was used for the 8 main line arrays around the scoreboard, 24 catwalk speakers, and the 70V distributed system. The 14 BSS Blue DSPs are all connected via cobra net and contain analog backup. The entire audio system is powered with 59 Crown Lite Series amplifiers. The main mixing console is a Yamaha M7CL-32. The broadcast system consists of numerous HD camera and audio tie lines connecting the entire facility to the main broadcast truck dock locations for TV broadcast. Several miles of fiber, coax, and audio cable all converge at the truck dock location, where four large racks provide connections to camera, video, and audio locations for the entire facility.

The Result

The current facility is a state of the art arena providing all of the current technology that was absent in the old facility. “University of Oregon’s Matthew Knight project was a tremendous undertaking. It is an intimate, yet vibrant venue and one of the finest basketball arenas in the nation. It is in many ways a monument to our common love for Oregon, and it was essential that every element of the project be done to a very high degree of perfection,” said our client. “Steve Jellerson and the entire Delta AV team did a fantastic job in delivering a very high-quality system that offers outstanding sound balance and clarity. The project was completed on time, on budget, and exceeded expectations. We appreciate the quality of work Delta AV performed and their general dedication to making sure that everything was done right and performs at a level equal to what Matthew Knight Arena represents as an iconic facility. We thank them for that effort and our on-going relationship and recommend them as an excellent provider of audio system integration for any type of athletic venue.”

We appreciate the quality of work Delta AV performed and their general dedication to making sure that everything was done right and performs at a level equal to what Matthew Knight Arena represents as an iconic facility.