The Perfect Solution

Our Approach

At Delta AV, our involvement in a project means that we agree to take on the responsibility of representing the client’s best interests in regards to AV technology. Our role is to advocate for the client as we properly define and develop their goals in the technology that they envision.

With the client’s best interest as our main priority, we first work to understand our role in the process which enables us to provide appropriate leadership utilizing the correct design tools.

Our Specialties

Delta AV is a specialty electronics contractor working where technology and construction meet. We have the experience, expertise, and leadership required for fast moving, complex, budget-driven projects. Whether the project needs are straight forward or complicated, our project teams will work with you to develop the most appropriate, cost-effective, and forward-thinking approach.

AV Conferencing

Teleconferencing enables real-time audio and video collaboration from various locations. At Delta AV, we integrate AV conferencing in corporate boardrooms, hospitals, clinics, college classrooms, and all sizes of private enterprises. Delta AV specializes in the selling and installation of high-quality audio and visual systems ranging from basic conference calls to high definition video conferencing.

Control Systems

Control systems make complex AV systems simple to use. At Delta AV, our experienced programming team will work with you to develop a perfect user interface that everyone loves. Whether we use Creston, AMX, or Extron, we can work with a customer’s staff to have the AV systems communicate over the network to allow for remote assistance, troubleshooting, and even upgrades or changes without ever setting foot in your office.

Digital Signage

Digital signage utilizes electronic display to show customizable content, wayfinding, public announcements, menus, information, advertising. At Delta AV, we integrate digital signage in diverse environments, including sports arenas, museums, convention centers, office buildings, and universities.

Sound Integration

Sound reinforcement is the combination of microphones, signal processing, amplification, and speaker systems that provide clearer and stronger sound for the entire facility. Delta AV designs and installs systems in major stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and performing arts venues throughout the nation.

Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity and increased privacy and comfort.

Equipment Sales

Delta AV provides you with quotes for small equipment orders as well as larger quantity box sales. Our design engineers are available to advise on complex or larger equipment sales and to walk you through the procurement process.

Please contact one of our sales engineers to begin a discussion regarding your equipment needs.


Delta AV follows a rigorous Quality-Assurance standard and provide installation service for any industry. Our installation workforce is comprised of licensed limited energy journeymen. Delta AV is a state approved training site for our apprentices in the electrical program.


Delta AV works with you to create a cost-effective solution for your project. Starting from an initial consultation, we assess your project needs and establish goals, draft design proposals and revisions, coordinate with stakeholders, and balance between budget and performance. Our creative solutions simplify complex integration requirements.

Content Development

Serenity Studios is a super-powered visual communication studio helping organizations navigate the ever-expanding digital world. Serenity Studios empowers organizations to better communicate with their customers by creating authentic audio and visual experiences. Technology is at it’s best when it’s implemented in a way that brings people closer together. In an era of ever-growing technological noise, Serenity Studios creates a symphony of communication bliss.

Service & Support

Whether you've had your system for years or have recently installed one, Delta AV provides quick responses and knowledgeable support to help maintain your AV system. Our trained technicians and programmers are qualified to accommodate your service and support requests. Visit our support page to learn more about our support services.