Providence Cancer Research Center

When Providence in Portland, Oregon was looking to integrate a high-tech audio and visual system into their new cancer research facility, they partnered with Delta AV to accomplish their goals. The flagship conference room is built from the ground up to accommodate video conferencing by Polycom.

The Solution

Special lighting is installed to optimize the camera view and a special, custom-made table creates the best camera angles. The table swings open for video conferences or kept shut for simple face-to-face meetings. Pockets in the table conceal laptop connections and microphones. The system has an automatic camera selection mode where the optimal camera and angle is selected based on which microphone is being spoken into.

The entire system is controlled from a 15″ AMX touch panel, which has been designed with custom graphics with collaboration from the client. The control system's user interfaces are completely intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use, and provide full access to all of the system’s complex features.

The Result

Working closely with the client throughout the entire process created a great partnership and an even better finished project.